HEAR HERE :: The Young Sage and The Mage - Greg Foat's New LP "THE MAGE"

“MAGE” - The latest effort out of contemporary Producer / Composer, Greg Foat. 

:: This time around - sans "group" for this ‘Solo’ label debut - Mr. Foat has clearly set out to continue building a convincingly solid bridge back to other great eras of Jazz. around the world The full-length delivers in spades with a taste for the history the now and the next!



“OF MY HANDS” - The opener features Trinidadian songstress, Kathy Garcia appearing here to recreate the magic she originally showed to shine when she first recorded the tune - 45 years ago. A track that we could hide asEaster Egg in the midst of an Ennio Morricone movie, this one is a lush and truly lovely intro into this time and genre-bounding project.

“DRIFTING” - An almost psychedelic-folkloric Jazz lullaby which may easily leave any well-worn listener wondering aloud at the end of the tune, “... by the way - which one's Pink?”.

“THE MAGIC RADISH” - Downtempo contemporary Dinner Jazz for your rooftop salon or soirée. Dueling Saxophones - No - intermingled Woodwinds - frolic together through the midway and you can imagine any of the many myriad film scenes that this track might slip under and into.

“THE HIGH PRIESTESS” - Post Bop for a new age in ‘New Age’. The slap and tickle here could easily have been recording on the opening night of Ronnie Scott's legendary hot-spot. Great playing and track-laying abound, leaving us with the distinct, ‘Live Room Recording’ feel that we get through the old Blue Note sessions. 

“THE MAGE” - Our title track is the perfect tune to roll credits on, since it almost sounds like a 2019 and 1969 standing on the smoke-filled stage of a retro-modern hash house!


“THE MAGE” delivers a musical mixte of psychedelic, spiritual and at times raucous, rumbling Jazz Jams - Oft-times reminiscent of the late, great bygone eras of the 60's and 70's the rather abbreviated long-player brings back not only the Jazz from the high times of old… The overall vibe and very contemporary energy of the tunes will give listeners the familiar sense of the 'Classic', ‘Folk’ and/or 'Psychedelic' rock a lot of us love from those long-gone and massively missed creative hey-days.

Aside from having the Diva, Kathy Garcia on the first track, Foat brings Jazz new blood to the fore for the four on the floor as well… Two Drummers, Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics and the ever prolific wise young man Moses Boyd each contribute distinctly British bottom beats to this undeniably all-world music!

Over All we rate the album… Truly. Check it out when you get a chance - Available in all the best formats!

Jason Sugars