Mark de Clive-Lowe :: Mirai No Rekishi / History of the Future


This time around, "Mashi" has decided to go a few steps further, recording a full-length album centered around his most heartfelt and personal compositions to-date:

未来の歴史 Mirai No Rekishi / History of the Future

Mirai no Rekishi, de Clive-Lowe’s ode to his Mother's motherland - Japan, was originally conceptualized for presentation at Grand Performances in Los Angeles. Described by the man himself as, “... a musical journey delving into my own cultural heritage...", the suite was rooted in Japanese folk music and then reflected on stage as a piece informed and reimagined through the spectrums of Jazz, Hip Hop and Post-Modern Electronica.

The initial public performance was back in AUG.2017. The Nonsemble crew were in attendance [thanks to our kind partners over at FUSICOLOGY, media partners at Grand Performances, who were able to gift The Nonsemble a few VIP seats for that very special show]. All the same, we stayed as they played and were completely taken by the selection of Mark’s favorite folk songs and children's tunes from his youth. Here / now, nearly a year on, Mark has had time to live with evolve and build on those initial ideas.

Most recently, we were in residence at the Blue Whale in Downtown Los Angeles for three nights to check out beat-maestro Mark de Clive-Lowe and a collection of friends at the live recording sessions for MdCL's next record [to be released in partnership with Rope-A-Dope - hopefully First Quarter 2019]. I was lucky enough to have been in attendance for his last "Live at The Blue Whale" sessions which lead to one of my favorite 'Gen-Next' Jazz projects of recent years: That four-track EP feat. songs in tribute to a few of Mark's favorite Jazz icons, was also released via Rope-A-Dope in 2017.

This time around, Mark has assembled an A-Team to join him on the journey! His Pharoah Sanders tribute shows...! Brandon Combs, Beast Beat-Master of the drum, takes on the skin-kit this time around [Mr. Gene Coye played on MdCL's last Live EP], Brandon Eugene Owens is back on bass, with the most 'precious' of rhythms and Joshua A. Johnson returns on flute and tenor sax... this time around, he is aided, abetted and elevated by the saxophone Jazz Giant known by the name of Dr. Teodross Avery, who joined the ensemble beginning the second night. Even more texture and depth was added on the third and final night, when the love-light and master-music-man, Carlos Nino came into the fold with additional / non-traditional percussion.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.31.41 PM.png

Maestro de Clive-Lowe, who has has played piano since his childhood years in New Zealand, has grown bigger, better and badder in strides since moving to the states and playing in jazz clubs, dance clubs and everywhere between and beyond that Mark has become an absolute master Funk, Soul and Jazz pianist. The depth, emotion, drama and groove of his playing is best seen and understood live. Head nodding like the latest member of the musical savant-garde, Marks entire body becomes more and more like a human, beat-keeping metronome. The rhythm and tone ride through him as he brings beats, notes, effects and gut feeling to every tunes he cares or dares to share.

On the nights of the recent live recording sessions, Mark was in high form. For these sessions, Mark took time before and between tunes to introduce and explain the thought or story behind each tune, leading the small, enrapt audience on a connective journey whilst leading the band through six extraordinary sets of original and re-worked songs from his Mother's native home - Japan.  

Along with songs from his original Mirai no Rekishi Suite, Mark shared at least one tune written on his most recent tour of Japan. Themes such as the a children's cautionary tale It is an immensely personal body of work. And in spite of that we are all able to relate somehow. As empathetic nods cause all these music heads to bob up and down, we reflect on our own cherished memories.

On any given night Jazz in Los Angeles lands into the ears of another unsuspecting soul and touches them in a different way, softly, and at times with force, but always with love.

[Disclaimer - of sorts: Mark, Teodross, Carlos, Brandon and Joshua are friends of The Nonsemble Family... which changes nothing, but means the world. We were all SO proud and happy for each and every one on the stage - as always and ever.]



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