::Sons of Kemet Declare Your Queen is a Reptile, but My Queen is.....

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…Ouch. This declaration is followed by a sincere and eloquent litany of ode’s dedicated to the queens that western cultures leave behind. My Queen is (Insert Female Black Revolutionary) reiterated as a mantra that resonates sharp and direct with Shabaka Hutchings staccato approach to the saxophone. The album itself is revolutionary. An approach to Jazz that doesn’t hide its intention with layers of muddle, but a clear and resolute declaration. It pops, it swings and each song resumes where the last one ends, on the same level of energy and creativity makes you feel deeply that:

A.      These dudes are on a mission to elevate the soul

B.      They will not ask permission to express their pride or disgust, AND

C.       They don’t mind if you are smiling and dancing your ass off in the meantime

You instantly pick up that these guys are not playing. A sequence of rim shots is decorated with closely alternating bellows of tuba and saxophone. This jazz is melody rich, bass heavy with pulsing rhythm that takes you to a high day at carnival and leaves you there celebrating the powerful force of African feminine energy. A tribute to the ancestors. Listen, learn and love the real Queens.


Sons Of Kemet

  1. My Queen is Ada Eastman

  2. My Queen is Mamie Phipps Clark

  3. My Queen is Harriet Tubman

  4. My Queen is Julia Cooper

  5. My Queen is Angela Davis

  6. My Queen is Nanny of the Maroons

  7. My Queen is Yaa Asantewaa

  8. My Queen is Albertina Sisulu

  9. My Queen is Doreen Lawrence

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