::Brownswood Recordings We Out Here


For this compilation LP Gilles Peterson has assembled musicians that are actively tearing up the Jazz scene in the UK. Ranging from the melodic texture woven by Jazz pianist Ashley Henry to the heartbeat rhythms of Shabaka Hutchings everything in between can stand on it own.

You can feel the layers of precise curation through every track as vivid as daybreak as the musicians themselves bond together to chronicle the vibe of the UK Jazz scene. It’s a snapshot with the stand out tracks belonging largely to Shabaka Hutchings who cuts up in Black Skin, Black Mask. Kokoroko wears the crown in their encapsulation of the happenings at Abusey Junction. They collaborate and masterfully share portions of their musical  journey with us, capturing personal and mundane moments and committing to them as a means to provide a auditory passport to a world and birth of a resurgence of Jazz that continues to transcend space and time. 

Many of the artists cut their teeth developed and nourished in the Jazz Re:freshed camp as a family. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jazz Re:freshed and Tomorrow's Warriors as they have turned out a roster of artist that will not be ignored or made to sit at the kiddie table. This is the new direction of Jazz music. Pay attention. Close attention. Blink and you might miss it.

With those threads so tightly woven, listeners are in for a treat as groove after mood moving groove, We Out Here transports us to South London and is our ticket to the party. Enjoy.