A Myriad of 'Portrayals' of Jaco Pastorius' "PORTRAIT OF TRACY".

Jaco Pastorius . . . Bass Deity.

Jaco Pastorius . . . Bass Deity.

While listening to an old MiPod Classic [the headphone jack now only plays the left channel, so...] I ran into an oldie but goodie and were reminded that not m/any of our online and insta-fam know a great deal about what we're up to and /or where we came from.

One of these days, I really should get around to writing a post about some of that... if someone cares or dares to have me share all that...

The most clear connections can be found in all of the Hip Hop meets Jazz and Jazz Beats All music that we come across in these days of Jazz/Not-Jazz wine and winning

[Sidenote - Dan Seeff of The Thelonious Monk Institute has a nifty show "EXCURSIONS" @ExcursionsRadio that can be heard Thursdays from 10P-Midnight on Los Angeles radio station, K-JAZZ [KKJZ.org] that covers some of the same sort of groovy ground, the confluence and convergence of Hip Hop with Jazz and other like ideas. I haven't heard his show YET, but I love the idea! 

Meanwhile - This might give folks a glimpse. Here are a few of my favorite things... linked by a string. 


In 1976 - One of the world's favorite Bass players - John Francis Anthony "JACO" Pastorius III - delivered his solo debut for Epic / Columbia Records... and the world was changed.

Just over 10 years later, Jaco was done and gone like a setting sun... 

10 years after his passing... SWV put out a pretty good song that Brian [Alexander Morgan, the Writer / Producer of the SWV track] SWEARS to me he credited the man, myth and legend that created the original piece. [every time I see him, I give him the same old McGuffin]... It is Brian's imagination and artistry that had taken the original Jaco master-piece and re-worked it into...


02.] SWV - "RAIN" from the LP, 'Release Some Tension' [RCA - 1997]

Although not exactly a fan of the band - I played the lazer-blades off of this song's CD. I really feel like Brian [Morgan] really got it right on this one... and the girls executed beautifully!

Then - It happened... an absolute 'Hip Hop Head' [among many other things], I was floored and - at the time a bit chafed - when one of my favorite Producers of the time and moment in that world - EL-P [of Company Flow, Def Jux and - now-a-days - RUN  THE JEWELS fame] dropped a trap for the very verbose Vast Aire and Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox for their phenomenal 2001 full-length!


03.] CANNIBAL OX - "PIGEON" - from 'The Cold Vein' [DEF JUX - 2001]

The sample - in this context - while muddled and myrtled, models the exact style and taste I had [as an eMCee and fan-addict] at that time a place. You know how the things we love most are often things done exactly as we would want or wish to have worked them out... ? This was That. The lyrics, one giant and grandiose metaphor for the life and style of a TRUE AND LIVING New York State of Mind, is STILL and forever a classic.\

More recently, as I have headed back into the worlds of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Classic Rock, Punk, Post Punk, Electro, Ska, New Wave, Hip-Hop, Drum'N'Bass, Broken Beat and the many and myriad other musical muses that make me - well - Me... The delicious Neo-Noire Future-Soul of the last decade or so are often at front of this mind of mine... so when Jaco's Portrait of Tracy showed up again...


04.] KADHJA BONET - "PORTRAIT OF TRACY" - from "THE VISITOR" [Self-Released(?) - 2016]

I have been a fan of this genuine multi-genre-ist since first hearing some early bits... we have mutual pals in the world and I ran across her work by way of a cat named Itai that often collaborates and cooperates with Kadhja and her works.

Her take on this cut is perhaps the most true and perfect a reflection of the original while being... in and on it's own... an entirely original track - it it's way and wake.

Check all of these bits out, then... when you get a minute... go on over and out to buy these tracks and others from these superb Artists… They obviously deserve the recognition and benefits... even on the weight and worth of their taste[s] alone!!



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