Kadhja Bonet :: The Childqueen Album is the Soundtrack to My Daydreams

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Kadhja Bonet’s sophomore album Childqueen is not quite Jazz and not quite like anything else. It dwells somewhere between the edges of real life, fantasy and plays like a strange sexy lullaby. Soothing vocals lull you into a dream state, and leave you wrestling with the meaning of her poetically charged lyrics.

Her voice, lyrics and instrumentality are otherworldly. I’m on my third listen, and falling in love with the simple textures of the album as a whole. It is simple and complex, gentle yet provocative, carefully lacing the seams of reality and fantasy together. Each piece is stroked with an intense sense of brilliant musicality. Imagine the drama of Kate Bush, the self-awareness of Fiona Apple and a deep sense of soulfulness that suggest the way music sounds when an opera singer has raised you. Such a sound requires a disciplined musical mind to produce something this bizarre and enjoyable.  Sometimes her voice belongs to Minnie Ripperton and sometimes it bears the resolute soul stirring abilities of Nina Simone, like a child-woman dressing up and trying on different personas.

The lyrics are layered and direct, much like thought. Her music is not crafted to reach every ear, but she has found committed ears in mine and once I am in, I will listen for weeks without flinching. (My flinching is to skip songs) All 10 songs have the capacity to bewitch and haunt, and even make you dance. It feels good, grown, exotic, sexy and creative. Even the dance track feels French café.

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