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Katalyst Collective

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KATALYST: A Collective of ten. A Band of Brothers. Most of these multi-hyphenated composers / arrangers / musicians had known and played with one another in countless sessions, bands and festivals for years when - after playing an incredible night in the Fall of ‘14 - the like-minded artists stepped together decisively to form the genre-defying super-group, KATALYST [Collective]!

With influences spanning the entire musical spectrum, elements of Hip-Hop, Classical, Rock, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Soul, Standard, Funk and Fusion are forged the heated beats and slick frenetics of their signature style. Since forming, the KATALYST [Collective] presents a zip-lock-fresh sound, filled with a vibrancy, palette and mood all their own. Drawing from diverse individual musical backgrounds, they impart a truly unique vibe, experience, creativity and vision, reaching far beyond their time.

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Individually, these young lions have mastered their craft at the most prestigious music schools in America, including USC, UCLA, and CalArts. Moving beyond musical scholarship, the KATS create rich, soulful, funky Jazz fusion for a new generation independently and in collaborations with artistic legends such as The Miles Davis Electric Band, Wayne Shorter, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Kendrick Lamar and countless others. As a result, their music taps directly into the radical nature of exploration and improvisation that lies at the diasporic heart-root of all that’s Jazz.

Today, KATALYST [Collective] continually raise and reset the bar of the ‘Gen-Next’ vanguard, adding color, code, depth and definition to the next wave of what many call ‘ Modern Jazz.’  As the improvised Black Classical Social music sometimes known as ‘Jazz’ regains force and finds her light anew and once again becomes a worldwide community movement of like minds, sounds and souls.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome….

KATALYST [Collective]




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